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Quality. Compassion. Care.

Practicing in the heart of Toronto as the owner and principal dentist of Yorkville Dental, Dr Hobbs executes quality dental procedures with efficiency and a gentle touch. Featured on CTV's The Social, Dr Hobbs prides herself on her ability to educate the population. Her chairside manner and her empathy is what keeps her patients happy and healthy.


The Social

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Blog post about the psychological impact of cosmetic dentistry:

Fixing my Smile Actually Fixed my Smile

I would highly recommend Dr. Hobbs. I was terrified when I walked in there and left a much happier person. She is kind, caring and takes the time to properly elaborate on what the problem is and what is needed to resolve it. She also has an excellent technique to inject anesthesia whereby I did not even feel the needle touching me. All in all, the experience was pleasant and my teeth are well taken care of - I surely have a new dentist :)
— AADHAR SHARMA (source: Google Reviews Yonge & Front Dental)
Dr. Hobbs changed my life. Seriously, and sincerely. My four front teeth were so crooked, two of them recessed so badly, that I laughed behind my hand, kept my mouth closed in all photos, and was horribly ashamed of my teeth. After spending just under an hour in her chair, she fixed my teeth for an affordable price, and now I’m learning to laugh and smile with my mouth open. The difference is astounding!
— CYNTHIA GOULD (Source: Facebook Dr Shannon Hobbs General Dentist)
Dr. Hobbs is the best when it comes to anxious/nervous patients! I had avoided the dentist for years before I met her due to my general distrust and dislike of dentists...and now I’m going for regular cleaning and check ups- like a real, live adult! Thanks again, Dr. Hobbs!!
— AMANDA KWONG (Source: Facebook Dr Shannon Hobbs General Dentist)
When I tell you I have a fantastic dentist you should see, I want you to completely understand where I’m coming from. Shannon pulled my wisdom teeth without any pain during the procedure and minimal pain and swelling afterwards. Most importantly, she addressed my concerns about freezing not being effective (I felt my fillings that were done by a previous dentist).
— KELSEY PERRY-CARLSEN (Source: Facebook Dr Shannon Hobbs General Dentist)




Dr. Shannon Hobbs received her doctorate in dentistry at the Université Laval in Quebec City. Having been born and raised in Montreal, she mastered the French language while completing her dental degree, and went on to win multiple scholarships including the Lojiq Scholarship for International Projects.


During her studies, Dr. Hobbs had the opportunity to complete a residency in Paris, France at the Hôpital Louis-Mourier in association with the Université Paris-Descartes where she honed her skills in the emergency treatment of medically-compromised patients. Dr. Hobbs has received additional training in aesthetic restorations, endodontics, temporal-mandibular disorders and orofacial pain. She is currently certified  in Botox, Juvederm, Invisalign, medical emergencies, and nitrous oxide sedation.